The main function

01Personalized Themes

91 Launcher provides free high quality and collected themes to download. Nine themes categories, personal, scenery, creative, cartoon and so on. Daily updated popular background styles, weekly hot themes list surprise you every day.

91 Launcher

02Massive HD Wallpapers

Massive over 7000 fine textured HD wallpapers are free for you. Beauty, animals, flowers, supercar, sports, etc. In addition, 91 launcher adds shuffle feature to change HD wallpapers and local management wallpaper to apply or delete backgrounds.

91 Launcher

033D Touch

3D Touch has four major categories, a variety of special effects, brings a new dimension of your phone experience. You'll marvel at the beautiful rollover effect and the colorful way of the screen reacts to your touch while your phone remains smooth and responsive.

91 Launcher

04Weather Forecasts

91 Launcher provides a general comprehension of weather information. Automatically match your location and display the current temperature. Well-prepared for your day with the most accurate real-time hourly, 5-day weather forecasts.

91 Launcher

0591 Know

91 know is a carefully-prepared surprise for you. Don’t ignore this cute mini tool. It knows what you want to know. Latest news, popular apps, recommended wallpapers, everything you need is at fingertips.

91 Launcher
91 Launcher

Tap Cleaner

The operation of one-tap helps you clean your phone’s memory, stop unwanted background processes and lift your phone’s speed, make the system more slim.

91 Launcher

Quick Search

Quick search widgets enhance your acquaintance to global hotspots. Make searching easier by making everything searchable.

91 Launcher

Power Manager

The most smooth, stable saving utility cleans power-consuming apps intelligently. Helps you extend the standby time and raise the efficiency of mobile phones.

91 Launcher

Privacy Protector

Hidden folders provides you a secure private space. One tap locks away your secret world from prying eyes.

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