Transfer Data from Feature Phones to Smart Phones

Felink Market is a very helpful tool when you upgrade your feature phone to an Android smart phone. All your data, including all contacts, SMS, and call records can be transferred smoothly from your featured phone to your newly acquired Android phone with just one click. Clink! The update process could never have been easier.

Felink Market

The Must-have and
Popular Apps & Games for Your Android

You just got your new Android phone and you're installing some apps. But what are the must-have apps to be installed and what is popular around your local area? No worry! Felink Market provides a list of all-time reputable must-have apps, as well as the intelligent location based ranking and recommendation system, helping you discover the very best apps & games without the tiresome trial-and-error.

Felink Market

Android Usage Tips,
Discover All Android Secrets

Felink Market selects the latest news of the day from many other sources for you. With a daily update of the news, it offers you a free access to the integrated news platform which also includes some very useful Android usage tips. Instead of a tedious text layout, Felink Market shows you the news with dynamic pictures and videos to help you quick become an Android geek.

Felink Market

Add Some Gorgeousness to Your New Phone

Your Android needs a personalized look instead of the factory default. Felink Market has prepared gorgeous HD wallpapers for you, all of which are designed with heart and selected carefully by our art editors then served to your Android phone with Felink Market. Simply click and download your favorite image to your Android phone, give your Android phone a new look, keep your Android phone amazing everyday!

Felink Market

Share All Files at No Cost

Sharing files with your friends has never been so easy. With Dorado Genie’s “Files Sharing” feature, you can now share apps, pictures, videos and anything else without costing you a dime. Through Bluetooth or Hotspot, you can transfer all files anytime and anywhere you want. No Wi-Fi or network connection is required.

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Cloud Storage & Backup

Felink Market backs up all your contacts, SMS records, call logs and everything important to the cloud. All data is encrypted and keep securely within the Dorado Cloud Server. You, and only you have the access to. Dorado cloud storage & backup has all the storage spaces you need, you no longer have to worry about your phone storage space is too small.

Phone Speed Up

A simple click can easily speed up your phone, boost Android progresses, and close unnecessary running service, turning complexity into efficiency.

Phone Traffic Control

No more worry about excessive data usage. The only thing you need to do is simply set upper limit of your data. Felink Market will remind to save the data usage before it’s too late.

Multi-Language Support

Felink Market supports English, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese and many more to come. Select your native language to enjoy a more unique and accurate Android experience.

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